Gyeran Bap (Egg Rice) Recipe (2024)



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More recipes like this for one serving, please! People may grumble about having to double or quadruple it, but I have done more than my share of halving or quartering recipes over the years. Time for someone else to do the math for a change.


i make this for my kid often. it's his favourite snack/meal and mine too because it's simple, healthy, and no fuss. as a fellow korean brother, my approach is almost as described with a couple of additional garnishings that are stock in any korean kitchen/cupboard: a sprinkle of sesame seeds and green onions. alternatively, i often use furikake -japanese seasoning sprinkle - that achieves the same effect of elevating the dish somewhat.


What a simple, healthy, flavorful, and comforting dish: I used brown rice. Definitely a keeper and a go-to. Much as I love to cook and love fresh, seasonal vegetables, I have multiple sclerosis, so I really, really appreciated this recipe, and it hit the spot on an early fall evening.


Here in Cajun country we always have cold leftover rice. We saute onions and bell pepper in butter then add rice heat in butter till hot, season with cajun seasoning put in plate then cook eggs in butter, soft yolk, then put on top of rice!


My littlest friend, now six, returned from a year in her mother's native Korea requesting bokkeumbap. Not being Korean, let alone a Korean grandmother, I needed my little friend to instruct me: peel, dice, and sauté a carrot and potato, then add cooked Korean (sushi) rice to brown, then stir in a scrambled egg to bind the dish (and provide her growing body with protein). To top it off, I was asked to squirt a heart shape of ketchup over her serving. She was delighted, and I was deeply touched.


I've been eating this as a quick snack or meal since I was a kid - my favorite addition is to mix in 1/2 - 1 Tbsp. of gochujang for a little extra kick!


I cooked this as described - the only change I made was to add a Furikake sprinkle and some cut-up nori. Delicious, it's a keeper! I am Cuban, and we made fried egg on rice for breakfast often. We used to mash two cloves of garlic and put in the rice water, along with a bit of lard to prevent sticking. Sometimes we would put homemade tomato sauce over the egg. I still make this occasionally - takes me back to childhood. Runny egg yolks are a must.


If using leftover rice, is it warmed up before placing it in the bowl?

Prakash Nadkarni

Note to MSG-phobes: Maggi sauce is quite rich in monosodium glutamate - the glutamic acid comes from hydrolysis of wheat gluten. This is possibly why Mr. Kim substitutes soy sauce, which contains much less glutamate.For all who believe in the MSG syndrome, read: , about the doctor who originated the hoax to win a wager.

Prakash Nadkarni

RE: Spinach vs seaweed:Seaweed is savory - the dried seaweed sheets you can buy at Costco taste good even plain. (MSG was first discovered in seaweed; the algae synthesize it to maintain internal osmotic pressure.) You can certainly use spinach (or water spinach, Ipomea aquatica), but you may need to add an umami source - the recipe has soy sauce, but you can also consider fermented bean paste or miso (almost the same thing, the Chinese bean paste costs much less).

ayu ratih

We do something similar in Indonesia. But, instead of seaweed, we fry the egg with coconut oil, sautee the rice quickly with sliced shallot, or just sprinkled the rice with a bit of salt and fried shallot, which is always available as condiments at every Indonesian dining table. Then, we drizzle all with sweet soy sauce -- yet another Indonesian-style condiment. Those who like chili pepper can add minced bird's eye chilies when sauteeing the rice and shallot. Or, add them to the sweet soy sauce!


When I make rice, I usually add a bit of Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base (or Chicken Base) and some mixed, dried wild mushrooms for more flavor. I always make a lot, and I store the extra in smaller, microwaveable containers in the freezer. That makes this easy to make whenever. With a microwave and an induction cooker, I can have the whole dish ready to eat in under five minutes.


Oh wow. Oh wow oh wow. I cooked the eggs in soy and chilli oil and garnished with KM and scallions and chives. Absolutely delish!

Lisa B

This was inspiring! I dashed into the kitchen, no rice, I cooked a packet of ramen noodles, no seasoning mix. Drained. Cooked the eggs and plopped them on top. Delicious! Easy! Maybe this is my new breakfast!


Yes, it is


This is an incredibly riffable dish and one of my favorite comfort food meals! I like too add a splash or sriracha or sabal olek to add a kick, whatever veggies are around, e.g, mushrooms or a handful of spinach that need to be used up, some sesame seeds or furikake, and a side of kimchi.What a perfect rainy day lunch! (Or dinner) !It’s even easier once the rice has been cooked and only needs reheating!Simple and satisfying!! I really adore this dish!!


I've probably made this four or five times, great for a quick lunch when I have leftover rice. Today I tried to make it from memory and used 1tbsp soy sauce instead of 1tsp. Tasted great, will probably do that again next time. Sprinkle of sesame seeds was a nice addition. I do the eggs over easy as I find it easier to not overcook them that way. I think it's much better when the yolk is runny.

Mae C.

Delicious and easy meal to make. Serve this along with kimchi for a nice acidic kick.


This was a perfect breakfast. All of the flavors and various textures went together beautifully. After watching Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin, I learned an important lesson: use the good stuff. To that end I used Yamaroku Tsuru Bisiho soy sauce, and gosh it was good. I would eat this every day if I could!


Added gochugaru and it was perfect


Simple and delicious. Furkikake is a great addition.


I can’t believe I’ve never thought to try this on my own. Absolutely delicious and fast to make! When I don’t have seaweed I top with green onions and it is perfect!

Laura C

Finally made this and it was right up my alley.. simple, filling, tasty, quick, and easy. I don't like seaweed (sorry!) so I made Viennese cucumber salad to accompany it. I toasted some sesame seeds in the butter before adding the egg. YUM!


I was introduced to a version of this by a family member, but with the inclusion of pickled onions. Delicious!

Sarah KC

This is becoming a real favorite. It's great topped with sauteed bok choy.


This is one of the best dishes I have ever eaten. It is on a weekly rotation now and is so forgiving that you can do endless riffs on it.

Lesley W

Tastiest, quickest and most satisfying meal prep ever. I’ve made this 4 times in the last 2 weeks. Keeps me full for hours! All you need is a big pot of sticky rice, soy sauce and an egg. You can get furikake and kim chi ready made at Trader Joe’s. Don’t skip the sesame oil - you need that nuttiness - though I subbed canola oil in a pinch.


Easy, Delish, and LOVE that it is a single serving. No notes!


I made this with wakeme, and it was not as good. I reconstituted the seaweed so it was soft. It was neither roasted nor salted. I missed both. I had loved it with the gim snack pack. That’s what I will do in the future.


I am heartbroken over the passing of a dear relative and woke up ready for comfort. My weekend breakfast is typically Filipino-style garlic rice with a crispy fried egg (lots of hot sauce and halved grape tomatoes, sometimes some wilted spinach). Today I remembered seeing this recipe. Perfect exactly as written, and perfectly soul-soothing.

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Gyeran Bap (Egg Rice) Recipe (2024)
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