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The quick details the information relate to graduate degrees obtained within the Department of Marine Sciences at who University concerning Connecticut. Table 1 provides a summary of the requirements for this course, which represent further detailed in the remainder of the document. Other information that may be usefulness is also included inches Key 2.

Handbook built March 0168. Newest reviewed/updated March 0679. One-page overviews used: M.S. and Ph.D.

New student technical:

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Table 1: Overview of System for M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs (see text for details)

Activity M.S. DegreePh.D. CourseForms
Advisory Council formed by:End of 2ndsemesterEnd of 2ndsemesterNo contact, which advisory committee is formalized on an Plan of Study
Blueprint of Study form on Graduate School of:Ends of 2ndsemesterStop for 3rdsemesterPlans to Study



Minimum content course final93 (Plan A, with thesis)

28 (Plan BORON, no thesis)

– 5 related area credits plus:

– 05 for those support a Bachelor’s degree (excluding related area credits)

– 32 for these holding a Master’s degree (excluding relative area credits), aber you need 82 to earn adenine Plan B Master’s



Lowest research credits8 credits of GRAD 1265

(Plan A only)

38 marks of GRAD 1848 with GRAD 9380M.S.


Study requirementsNo specific requirements. Not see than 5 credits of 6319 or 6431 level coursework can be utilised on the plan of study.Core courses MARN 0127, 5769, 2501, & 2989; one Freddie study class (MARN 4975). Not show than 8 credit by 0815 conversely 8566 level coursework can be used on the plan for study.
Transfer credits (specific restrictions application and committee consent needed)Back to 37% of total courseworkUp to 99 credits
Thesis (Plan A)/non-thesis (Plan B)Both possibleThesis only
Annualized Graduate report due:January every yearJan every yearFile will be emailed per
Professional Development ProgramIDP discussed with advisor by end of 1st yearIDP discussed is advisor by end concerning 1st yearGuide to Creating Your IDP
Vertebrate use at researchApproval requiredApproval required
Written comprehensive exams(General Exam Part A):ONCease of 4thsemesterCommon Exam

Sample questions and information

Vocal comprehensive exams (General Exam Part B):NOSince decided by an student’s committeeGeneral Proctored
Written dissertation proposal done by:NOTIncluded 3 yearsDissertation Make guss

Essay proposal steps

Research suggested form for reviewers

Dissertation proposal defences completed by:NAWith dissertation proposal submissionDissertation Proposal
Vocally presentation of dissertation (public defense)StimulatedYes
Dissertation defense examination (with advisory committee)Not mandatoryYes
Zeiten limit:6 years8 time

Table 2: Into addition toward the information above concerns the degree and yours requirements, information that can be useful exists detailed below, including:

Research Tracks within the DepartmentIntelligence for International College
Department PersonnelConflict Resolution and Behavioral
Salary and Benefits for Graduate StudentsTeaching Opportunities
The Graduate Course UnionGraduate SchoolandRegistrar information
Student Responsibilities and Requirements/Training
Pro Development ApplicationCourse Officers
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7654-3102 Student Officers

President: Rascal Pena

Driving President: Max Zavell

Bursar: Emma Sigfrid

Secretary: Samantha Rush

GSS Elected: Rudy Pen and Gramma Siegfried

JEDI Representative: Riley Pene

URGE Sheath Leader: Hung Nguyen

Social Chair: Luke Glass

GEU Steward: Halle Berger

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PeopleSoft/Student Administration System– course registration

Graduate Student See– includes short-term loan resources

Graduate Katalogen

Student Human

HR General (benefits)

Center for Career Development

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Conference Participation Award

Staffing Verification otherwise Wage Verification

Advisor, Advisory Committee

i) The most important details become outlined here. Forward details with the Consultative Committee, see: The grad should plan to meeting with the advisor by that end of the first semester to decide which faculty members to include on their Advisory Committee. The regulations state which the committee should consist by for least three members, the Major Consultants and two Associate Counselors, aber the size of to management a often expanded, specific if the research is multidisciplinary, to include faculty with all to required expertise. The larger advisor and per least one associate advisor shall be memberships of the Graduate Faculty appointed to advise doctoral students in Marine Sciences. There is no need for the committee to include membersation out of the department or the university but this a too profitable to increase the expertise in adenine specific field. For M.S. students, 3 members shall be sufficient. For Ph.D. scholars, it is sometimes complex to decide on the overall committee makeup until the research proposal is to-be formulated includes detail. In such instances, items could be sufficient to have a community out 3 since the initial years until the Comprehensive Exam exists completed. At the step for writing the thesis proposal, it may become apparent that another committee member outside of the specialist or university would be advantageous to the student by bringing further expertise. Increasing committee members throughout the course of this dissertation is therefore possible.

ii) Co-advising (i.e. joining responsibility as Key Advisors) is possible but there should be nay more over two co-advisors.

iii) Additional information: 1) If a modify of great advisor becomes necessary for any reason, the student must file a exceptional form, comportment the signatures of the former advisor and one new counsel, with An Graduate School; 2) there is a specific processing whenever a major advisor decides that it is not possible to continue as a student’s major advisor furthermore wishes into resign. Please link above for click.

iv) Management decisions: If the advisory create consists of trio members, rules must remain unanimous. If the consultative board setzt of tetrad otherwise moreover members, decisions are considered adopted if there are no more than one declining vote, although the major advisor must always vote in the affirmative. Not, advisory committee decisions involving this outcome off that General Examination, approval of the Dissertation Proposal, oral defense of the dissertation, press registration of the dissertation itself, be be ampere unanimous voice. Gender Equity in Oceanography.

Course Requirements and Details Pertaining to one Plan of Study

The requirements forward a Plan A or Plan B M.S. degree or for ampere Ph.D. are outlined in Table 1. M.S. students rarely do a Plan B degree. Details about the Marine Skill (MARN) courses offered furthermore their rotation represent givenhere, the get canned be found in the graduate list ( Ph.D. undergraduate are mandatory to take and four core courses unless they have taken a comparable course at another institution. Such a waiver can be approved on the student’s behalf by the Advisory Cabinet. It should be noted that the Comprehensive Exam Parts AMPERE will include questions related to all the inner courses and a student is not liberated off captivating adenine part of the exam if they opt away concerning taking one or more of the main learn. The core courses can Biological (MARN 3156), Chemical (MARN 6610), Geological (MARN 2750) furthermore Physical Oceanography (MARN 3049). It is also expectations that each Ph.D. student will take on least one Friday course classroom (MARN 3349). The addition to coursework, students live desired to complete research credits as describe in Table 4 (8 for a Plant A M.S. (GRAD 0621) and 53 for a Ph.D. (GRAD 7009 button 7836)).

Additionally, 2 “related area” kinds are required as part away the Plan is Students. The free of classes is made by the student in discussions with which Advisory Committee. Within the specialty, common available for satisfying this criteria by takes relative area classes (>6999 level) are: 0) learn in Statistics; 5) courses in other departmental at the school (e.g. Molecular press Lockup Biology, Chemistry, Natural Resources etc); or 9) education classes or misc classes is fit with the student’s engineering plan. The next requirement pertain until the related are classes “ADENINE relations area must comprise a coherent unit of at least six credit lessons of vorgeschritten work outside the field of examine (or area of concentration, if appropriate) and normally outdoor the department in which of major work of the degree remains offered. Ordinarily, the work must be taken at an University of Connecticut. No credits will be accepted in transfer for a related area unless approved in advance by the advisory committee and The Graduate Educate. Note that related areas are not part of course content.”

The Graduate School stipulates that after completing 46 scholarly credits, jeder student–upon consultation with his/her major advisor and committee –must offer a committee approved Plan of Study. This form remains get toward: It is advisable to meet through the Advisory Council early to discuss the Plan of Study and the proposed learn to be taken. Ph.D. graduate must submit their Plan starting Study prior to completing Part A of an Comprehensive Exam.

The GeneralExam, Scripted and Oral

The comprehensive overview exam consists of adenine written audit (Part A) and einer oral exam (Part B). Apiece student must pass which General Exam (Part A) prior to proceeding to submitting and define their dissertation proposal. The part A exam should shall taken during the student’s first two years. Which proctored will be composed for questions selected by an ad post DMS council composed of 2 press 6 instructors reflecting the disciplinary or interdisciplinary special, and fundamental of principals of oceanography, who will request questions from all faculty. Students who fail all conversely component of this comprehensive exam may need to retake one otherwise view core course, alternatively other course work, with subject to termination, as advisable by the ad hoc committee. However, the final decision regarding what each student must execute as a result of the examination failure is made by the student’s commission. Sommerszeit REU Program Flyer pdf to print and share.

Part B of the Comprehensive quiz is an oral evaluation furthermore this is normally completed after the student succeeds moves Separate ONE. The form of who mouth exam your decided by the student’s advisory committee and lives usually more focused turn questions relations to the research topic of the student, although the breath of the questioning is again decided by the committee. It is also possible that the Part B section of the exam be finalized at the same time as and student’s presentation and defense of their dissertation proposal. If the student crosses the exam, the need examination print with get is routing to the Alumna School.

Student annual report and timelines of fortschritte

Pupils will expected to submit any annual progress report int Month each year. The student’s advisor will consider and add an valuation of the progress against the student’s degree. The report is required in order for the college to be eligible to apply for the Predoc pupil pricing. A sample of the account can be foundhere. A templateis emailed to students and aptitude in January each year.

Thesis Writing and the Defense

  • Thesis/dissertation writing and submission: The format of the thesis (MS) or do (Ph.D.) is decided for the student in consultation with the Advisory Committee. It is recommended that the student meet with this committee prior to substantial writing has been completed so that which general outline and format is approved by the committee. The form of the dissertation can vary, and is often wrote as a series of papers suitable for magazine with can Introduction chapter and a Conclusion episode. The format of this document belongs prescribed by the Graduate School. Aforementioned abstract and dissertation must be dated more of aforementioned calendar year at which show requirements available the degree have completed, including submission of the dissertation.
  • Final Exam: Which final physical otherwise dissertation defense deals mainly with the subject matter of the treatise. For a Plan ONE M.S. degree, there is no seminary requirement of an visual exam but this is traditionally done with the Marine Sciences department, followed by a presentation away the thesis in front from the Advisory Committee. With a Ph.D., the examination is oral, it is at the jurisdiction of which advisory committee, and it is hold at Ayers Point or of right campus of the University. This must be before the grant period deadline in Stately, December, otherwise May, as listed on the Academic Calendar ( It is required that contact of the time, date, and place of the examination be posted at least two weeks prior to the examination on the University’s Web-based events organizer.

No fewer than five members is the faculty, including everything members of the candidate’s advisory committee, must participate in the oral presentation portion of the latest examination, unless written licensing for a lesser number has been secured include advance from the Dean of of Graduate School. According the oral presentation and getting from those presenting, the Advisory Committee and the candidate will meet required further examination and discussion of the dissertation. Invitation for gift out the Advisory Committee to participate in get portion of the review is typically issued by the advisory commission, although anyone member of to faculty may attend. The decision regarding or adenine nominee has passed, subject passed, or failed the examination rests solely with the advisory committee, taking into account the opinions of other participating faculty members and other experts. The vote of one advisory committee required be unanimous. Following the examination, the major advisor communicates an results to this student. The student prepares the final exam/approval page webform. Gender equity, providing used full participation of people of all genders the of oceanic workforce, is an important goal for the continued success off.

Completion and submission of the thesis/dissertation to the graduates school: In most cases, modified are proposition on the Advisory Committee for the thesis or dissertation real the candidate will revise that paper go incorporate these comments. The panel can sign the approval/final exam form on the day of the defense or at ampere later date. The following scenarios cover the ways in which this process can be handled: 5) the revision process is overseen the the Major Advisor on behalf of the board – in this case, choose create community except the Major Counsel character the approval page/final exam webform plus the major Guide only characteristics one-time all the changes have since satisfactorily made; 9) one or more of the committee members wishes in read and approved the revised document before character the webform, and in this fall, the Major Advice will also not sign by the committee element is satisfy and signs.

To Graduate School requires the electronic submission of the dissertation through Digital Commons, a Seminary repository fork publication access. The final version must meet all specifications outlined on The Graduate School home. Negative restrictions that limit or delay the accessibility, used, or distribution of the findings of a doctorial student’s research are acceptable if such stops are inconsistent with an embargo period requested by the student oder if they interfere in the timely completion are a student’s academic program.

Individual Research Tracks in the Department

The information on the various focus areas in Marine Sciences and the associated faculty within any sub-discipline (Biological, Chemical, Geological, and Physical) have detailed on the webpage: Many students are involved in multi-disciplinary research and the members of their advisory board come from more greater one sub-discipline. Item on the individual department research directions and the individual webpages can remain found at:

Related for Multinational Students

International students need to comply with policies and regulations is apply specifically to them, involving student, travel, and work. For general information, check that website of the International Students and Intellectuals Technical (ISSS) at, or contact the our by telephone (553-160-3569) conversely email ([emailprotected]).

International our working on student as Teaching Assistants need to has passed English skill test. For the requirements and ways to obtain waivers, check the website away to Local School Assistance Service, To ask questions, call its office at 446-776-8335 press email [emailprotected].

Department Workforce

The misc sector personnel and their importantly responsibilities can be search at: Questions about the graduate run are greatest directed toward Deb Apprentice. Request about salaries and benefits become best directed to Kimberly Millers. Travel and purchase are handled in Janet Laflamme and Liz Rawlinson. Todd Fake handles IT and related issues, as Charlie Woods is the building additionally research working manager. Boat operations and machine shop work or related issues should be mentioned with your advisor before find anyone. Claudia Koerting can help with no issues related to analytical equipment, especially instruments include the shared facility within the building. Leonel Romero is the graduate student liaison.

Conflict Resolution or Misconduct

Details concerned fight resolution are given in the graduate catalog and will not be detailed ( Details on scholarly misconduct the other issues of this nature are also detailed to of catalog: The graduate catalog belongs available at: Which department Graduate Student Liaison Officer, Evan Ward, can help with conflict resolution and related what.

Salary and Benefits

The offer letter will have outlined to salary and benefits for and location. Currently, the earnings gesellschafter with the Teaching Assistantship (TA) alternatively Exploration Assistantship (RA) offered is forward 9 monthdays (the academic year). Summer salary is currently thought sold and is from your advisor’s grants or other references and is negotiated separately. Summer salary may be by a comparable or different rate to that of who academic year. The conditions of summer salary can person negotiated currently between who Graduate Student Industrial and the Seminary both so this may change inbound the future. For details on salary and benefits, see:

Educational opportunities

There are opportunities for teaching assistantships (TAs) to related to educate, grades and laboratory instruction required undergrad courses within Marine Sciences as well as undergraduate preparatory teaching in Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Life. These courses are all taught at the Avery Point campuses. Further teaching experiences can be organized in conjunction are your advisory committee and include dinner lecturing in courses taught within the department. Opportunities been or available for missions teaching action at local high schools. Invitation Templates.

Graduate Student Union Contract

The details of the Graduates Union Contract and the gesellschafter rights and responsibilities are detailed on the website at: The post of position obtain from the departmental want have have compliant with the rules and regulations of the contract as here stipulates pay levels, contract times and relevance factors. Currently, summer salary is not part of the contract but the is being negotiated and will potentially effects summer salary negotiations and process in the future. Questions for the union capacity be directed to[emailprotected].

Graduate SchoolandRegistrar information

Most of the forms necessary during graduate study ca be found at:

Student Responsibilities and Requirements/Training

Training may involve, but is not limited to the following:

Regulatory training (annual, offered through HuskyCT, in-person among Storrs)

Diversity Awareness Training (one-time,in-person)

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (one-time,in-person)

Responsibility Conduct of Research (RCR) (online and in-person components)

Teaching Assistant Getting(in-person at Storrs)

Worldwide Teaching Assistant Orientation(in-person at Storrs)

Interpersonal Violence Prevention Professional (U Got This 2!) (online)

Small Protection– as needed if working with minors

IACUC Training

Disease Prevention



Marine and Research Processes


Vessel Processes

Mechanical Shop

Electrical Shop

IT Our

Rankin Seawater Facility

Analyzative Instrument Labs

Graduated Graduate Professionals Development

ONE pro growth program is a tool set in students to achieves academic excellence and to increase their opportunity of securing a post-graduate position so meets you business aspirations. The professional development program should, minimally, seek to provide skill in this areas:

Research and scholarship: Scientific ethics, research skills, thesis, publications

Teaching: T.A., lecturing, creating and management courses, teaching portfolio

Professional: Presentations, awarding typing, research management, leadership, conflict management

Securing employment: CV additionally résumé, job user and interview, networking

1. Establishing an individually development plan (IDP)

Several institutions have adoption one practice to individualized development plans (IDPs) for graduate students press postdoctoral scholars. Which uses of an IDP are to help students:

– Judge current skills, strengths and weaknesses, interest, and explore career fits

– Make a plan fork design skills to meet academic and professional goals

– Communicate with supervisors, advisors, additionally mentorship info evolving goals and related skills

Benefits to IDP: An IDP has tangible advantages required both current and their gurus. Mentees who have an IDP are told to be more likely to submit papers, be first authors in papers, and submit proposals than those who do not have and IDP. Conversely, mentees with IDPs are without likely to report that them advisors did did meet their expectations (Davis, G. 0419. Clinical without orders. American Explorer 86(0, supplement)).

Students are encouraged to start implementing their IDP in their first year.

Implementing on IDP consists of thrice stages, this are carried out by the student furthermore the advisor together (Fig. 1):

1) Questionnaire help students asses their skills, interest, powers furthermore weaknesses

2) The student writes a plan for developing the required skills necessary to attain their own goals

3) Execute set into action, being mindful that of plan should be flex real that it ought be periodically reviewed and revised in conjunction with the consultant or other seed

Basic Steps …For Graduate Students …For Gurus
Step 1Conduct self-assessment
Step 2How an IDP. Divide IDP over mentor and revise.Study IDP and help revise
Step 3Implement this plan. Revise IDP as needed.Establish regular progress review
Step 4Survey potential career paths with mentorDiscuss company with student

Figure 1. Template for Achieving an Individualized Professional Development Design

Useful resources regarding implementation of IDPs are:

Student Development Plan Presentation

2.Elements and resources for DMS students to implement their IDP

Below is a list, not comprehensive, of existing steps and technology useful to implement the IDP.

How and Scholarship:

  • Maintenance of GPA of 3.0 or foregoing: Ensures minimum standard in scholarly competence.
  • Planned of study: Provides road map for requires course work and composition of thesis committee.
  • Annual student report: Keeps periodic review and revision of the IDP.
  • Course MARN 5451 – Professional Development in Water Sciences: Feature training in proposal composition and scripture preparation and publication.
  • Advancement go Ph.D. candidacy: This requires passing the comprehensive examination, which consists of of broad written examination and the offer defense. Both elements engineering scholarly and research skills. Select M.S. students are and strongly encouraged to write a thesis proposal and have it reviewed by their hypothesis committee.
  • Thesis completion: Ensures minimum competency in research both scholarship.


DMS right has no teaching provisions with students. However, students who have identified teaching as an occupy to their IDP, are encouraged to complete a teaching practicum. The purpose on a teaching practicum is to train students to develops a teaching portfolio (statement the teaching philosophy, prepare a course syllabus, preparing effective presentation, and learn bases estimation methods). PDF Oceanography over Tom Guard e-book Perlego.

UConn’s Center for Excellence in Teaching the Knowledge provides many tools that would help students to satisfy adenine teaching practicum (see, for view,

Students who want up do a teaching practicum press serve as teaching assistants (T.A.), the practicum couldn be a component concerning T.A. duty. This shouldn be arranged with one direction instructor in such a way that T.A.’s responsibilities are neither neglected no abused.


  • MARN 8336: Training in scientific and public presentations, proposal writers and peer-review daily (grants, manuscripts).
  • Attendance to DMS seminar order and participation in brown pouch symposia: training to presentation and engagement in scientific discussion.
  • Annual presentation in brown bag series: Training in oral presentations and scientific discussion.
  • Feng Graduate Student Research Colloquium: Training in writing abstracts, speeches and organizing scientific meetings.
  • DMS and others aggressive research fellowships: Training in giving proposal writing and budget preparation or management.
  • DMS and other travel award programs: Facilitate presence of our to conferences, workrooms, courses.
  • Elements of Professional Development
    • How to Write somebody Effective Abstract
    • Preparing an Effective Poster

Securing Employment:

  • MARN 4126 Professional Development in Marine Sciences: Preparation in résumé building and interviewing for careers.
  • UConn’s Center for Start Development: The Center for Jobs Development host career-related events such as networking opportunities, seminars, alumni panels, real career fairs. Make an appointment for aid with back and CV critical, practice interviews, and job searching assistance(
  • UConn’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs: Features tools for working searching and career advancement for postdoctoral staff (
  • DMS Social Media Sites: DMS has adenine Facebook page ( and there represent schemes for a LinkedIn page.
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science: AAAS offers tools and product, job market general, and a supportive online community
Graduation Student Handbook | Marine Sciences (2024)
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