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St. Andrew's Pipe Band 70th Anniversary Reunion
Time / Date: 6.00pm, 18 July 2015
Venue: Kedron Wavell R.S.L
Price: $50/person

Number of Tickets

Can't make it? We would appreciate your support in other ways:

St. Andrew's Pipe Band and Scots PGC Warwick 2013 The following is a list of items and approximate costs involved in running a pipe band. We do our best to earn money through performance and competition, however as we are expanding and looking towards Scotland in 2015 and 2017 for the World Pipe Championships, our needs are more than ever. We appreciate your generosity, for every amount that is gifted gets us one step closer to our goals.

  • Bagpipe Reeds: $15/reed
  • Drum Heads: $90/head
  • Bagpipe Chanters: $250/chanter
  • New Kilt: $500
  • Australian Championships Bus Hire: $1000
  • Registration: $50/player
Thank you for your support.