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Hiring St Andrew’s Pipe Band

Every function that the St Andrew’s Pipe Band performs at is special in its own way. As a result, there is no simple formula for determining the cost of using the Band at your event. Below are example Band configurations that serve as a guide. Costs are estimates only, and must be confirmed by the Band Manager.

Additional Details/Requirements
Approx. Cost
One piper for a wedding Piper plays the bride down the aisle, and out of the church at the end of the nuptial service.
Two pipers to open an event Pipers play for approximately 30-60 minutes.
Mini-band for a formal dinner One performance during the evening, minimum of 6 Band members.
Full band for a street parade Minimum of 12 Band members, one pass along the parade route.
Full band in concert Minimum of 15 Band members, for two half hour sets or one 45 min. set.

Note that some other factors that can influence the cost of using the Band are:

  • The total time required at the engagement;

  • The distance from the Band’s core location (Brisbane, QLD);

  • If this event is part of a multiple booking; or

  • If other non-financial benefits are available to the Band (e.g. meals, enduring sponsorship).

To confirm a price for the Band at your event or for more information, please contact the band secretary, Ashley Pressey, at secretary@stapb.com or on 0422 284 460.